James and I have broken up twice but this time we didn’t have a lot of sex and get back together. This time we kissed and said we cared about each other and we talked instead of having sex. He said a lot of honest, real things which I appreciate. I guess this is the universe yelling something like, “Last chance, dummies! Don’t screw up!”

I’ve given up on Kaila.

I feel very good about myself. I’ve been doing a 15-minute yoga exorcise each morning for the past week or so and I missed yesterday because I lost the house key but today I was able to do it and I feel very good that I kept with it. It would have been easy to quit after missing a day but I didn’t. Now I’m going to look at some local gyms and then start on my homework.

I may not be done with this wave of friends considering they are also my DnD group. But I think Kaila and Jacob are being replaced. I have absolutely no interest in keeping ties with Jacob at all whatsoever.

I think I’m done with this wave of friends. Unfortunately, this wave of friends may include Kaila. I really hope it doesn’t include Jenny because she’s really sweet but it just might. It’s not worth it being around them, I’m positive, they make me feel so negative so what’s the point? I’ll find new friends. Hopefully soon.

My boss, Jay, gave me some really great advice on what to do about my problems with my best friend and it was actually really cool. I feel very confident about the future now. I hope he knows he made a difference… because I’m sat here now thinking, “So this is what it’s like to have a parent who isn’t shitty helping you navigate through life. How nice.” How nice.